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Suicide Blonde's is a business affiliated think tank with a global perspective on use of resources and its connection to the economical system built on an everlasting growth. A system that will need an endless supply of resources to sustain. Suicides Blonde's researches how the next economical system could become with the main objective how reducing a use resources could be beneficial for companies and new business models. Today no part of the chain has any responsibility as long as the financial markets sees growth, because enough profit today is not enough tomorrow.

Suicide Blonde's prime focus is an industry self-regulated solution and has no interest in
government/law regulated solutions or consumer education.

Swensk and the Slow Fashion Manifest
Swensk has a practical role in the research with its Slow Fashion Manifest. The Slow Fashion Manifest addresses the retailer's role in a fast consumption society by asking one simple question:

If a fashion retailer did not have discounted sales, what impact would it have on the world?

The reason for this question is simple. If we value our resources to a certain price we can't subsidize the cost of by buying our way out of the problem without reinstating the resources used. In theory it's cheaper to buy new socks than it costs to wash the old ones. We believe that a costumer has the right to be a happy consumer with no second thoughts on its impact on our planet. It's the retailers role to supply the consumer with products that has no, or very little impact in a bigger perspective.

The Slow Fashion Manifest is a 10 chapter from theory to practice study on how to recreate the value on, as the business express it, dead stock. Swensk's mission is to decrease unnecessary use of resources and to create values that make consumers love their products. For more information, sb[at]

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