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Slow fashion does equal sustainable fashion. Swensk does not involve it self into the dimension of manufacturing but we do know that it is a high priority among our brands that we stock. And so they should. So what role does a retailer have? Well, we like to say that we provide need products, not want products*** and this is our product strategy.

For Swensk we have two approaches to Slow Fashion: 1) Provide designs that last longer then the trends. 2) Quality fabrics and manufacturing.

Provide designs that last longer than the trends**
This is a natural state of being among Swedish designers. If you want to know more read it here. But lets talk about the Swensk way of choosing stock at the buying sessions. Even though we are only stocking Swedish labels it is not a value set in stone. It just works as a design safe guard*. The criteria for being stocked in our store are many, but we can name a few. Firstly we divide our labels between platform labels (70%) and up and coming labels (30%). To be a platform label you need to be; an international label (at least in 20 countries or more), have been around for at least 10 years (manufacturing) and aims for a target


group between 25-65 (super youth).

1) Minimalistic design (*)
2) Multi-functional fashion (**)
3) Reorder anonymous styles that we know works in fit and quality (***)

Quality fabrics and manufacturing
We trust all our brands that they take responsibility for the fabrics, craftsmanship and ethical responsibilities. We take responsibility from there and we call it our Slow Fashion-service. An easy way to explain our view on service is to use an example from the real world. Manufacturers of today produce products that works just long enough for the customer not to being disappointed when it breaks, but happy enough to buy it from the same supplier. In theory they will not make money on thing that lasts. This is not the future of global awareness. We need to find business models that are built on selling added value rather than making use of resources cheaper. And we think they got it right before mass-production and cost-effectiveness was the new black. Then it was called honor and responsibility for what leaves the store. We call it our Concierge service. And you will find out what it entails on an everlasting added value philosophy on



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