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    Scandinavian aestetics and our design heritage      

Swensk do not disagree with trends. Its what takes us people to the next level. Its what makes individuality and personality tangible. It is a lifeline for creative people and it should be celebrated as such. But that is not what we focus on. Unless it is multi-functional, timeless, sophisticated, humble, unisex or any other of our slow fashion values. Many of which has a natural part in Swedish history.

Our history made us who we are today
There is a long culture heritage behind the Swedish people and personalities, which obviously have had an impact on the way Swedish designers create designs. First up, is a economically strained market filled with Lutherans.

Lutheran - if you are wealthy, be humble ABOUT IT
Lutherans had its stronghold in the Scandinavian countries. The reason for this can be many but just talk about one explanatory fact. The Lutherans is just opposite to the Catholics. If Catholics are outgoing, opulent and sharing, the Lutherans are introvert, sparse and protective. This is not a question about right or wrong but a cultural difference. In Scandinavia it was important to collect food during harvest times and save it through the cold winter. It would be rude to officially indulge in produce when your neighbors were starving. Why they did not share instead? Well this is where the Lutheran believes comes in. If you don't provide for


you and your family don't expect someone
else will. Teach a man to fish…

Socialism - functionalism and beauty in everyday materials
Sweden has been a socialistic country although the 1900-century. Even today we four right-wing parties are in power we are probably more left than the Labor party here in Australia. And we like it like that. Why? Well, socialism takes care of people when the Church doesn't. Suddenly we were entitled a one-room apartment, with a kitchen, and a toilet. Not much, but just enough as we say it. As you probably could imagine it wasn't fancy but functional with affordable materials like wood looking as good as it can. Did we say functional?

Jante - minimalism and standing out in a crowd without standing out
Every country with self-respect has a tall-poppy syndrome. Ours is called The Jante Law. In short it means that you need to conform. Don't stand out. Don't have any patterns on you. Absolutely no logos implying that you are better than the rest. Read all 10 commandments.

As you now might understand is that design from Swedish designers is not something we made up by chance. Minimalism (which still does not exist in Office dictionary) and quality is in our backbone since the 1600 century and its been the main market for our designers until now.


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