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For Swensk people are more important than fashion. Having said that we also understand that clothes are a necessity for many reasons. And that’s where Swensk and Swedish fashion comes in - effortless clothing for a "metropolitan curiosity" lifestyle.

Super youth and the Black Collar Worker
Our customer is what Swensk defines as a "Super Youth". It’s a 25-65 year old individual that has made an impact on the world experience-wise. Many of these people can be found in creative professions like media, advertising, architecture, marketing, web and young business entrepreneurs. You can also find them in other businesses but the common factor that connects them all is a metropolitan lifestyle, a refined taste of quality rather than quantity, and a rock'n'roll view on life and living.

The Scandinavian aesthetics, or the Swedish to be more accurate, has been catering for this target group since our beginning. The Thinker. The Serious. The Functional. The Independent. The Big Brother. The Neutral. The Introvert. The Loyal. The Accurate. The loving. The Selfish. The Adventurous. The Equal. The Distant. The Honest.

Design curated for a metropolitan curiosity lifestyle
We have curated Swensk's main collections with this customer in mind. Bound by a minimalistic approach to design and

  attention to quality and cuts, these international labels have at least 10 years manufacturing experience. All our brands are born out of the same culture but with distinct differences in their souls. Together they give Swensk’s customers enough choices to keep their individuality despite the minimalistic aesthetics. All with the same outcome - to be dressed for every occasion life throws at you during the day.

Why we catering for these people is because we are those people. The business model was based on the lack of offerings for people that had other things to do than keep up with trends and fashion. Swensk strives to connect with these people - like-minded creative people that has the need to change their own world foremost and if they are lucky - others.

If you recognize yourself in what you just read you are a part of 10% of the population that will not grow old and have and the vision to prove it. And when you do so you want clothes that highlight your achievements rather than the brands. And if you would to be in our store for one day, you would find it inspirational just to listen to our customers. People who takes risks and throw themselves out in the world with no fear and no regrets. Just like Thobias picture above. After all, those are our customers. Interesting people, that is.
  Swensk®, Australia Pty Ltd - Slow fashion for interesting people®    
  ABN: 80 128 424 868, Shop 1 230 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000, find us on Google Maps, Ph., +61 3 9663 4376
  Concierge, concierge[at], E-mail, curious[at], Swensk, Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of FfS International AB