About Filippa K

Filippa Knutsson founded the brand in 1993 as a solution to the stress of dressing. She saw a need for simple, practical garments that answer to real experiences of the everyday – designed with style and comfort in equal measure. What began at her kitchen table has grown sustainably over the years into what Filippa K is today: international in mind, and Scandinavian at heart.

Our pieces stay true to the minimalism and ease of the 90s, reinterpreted for modern life. We eliminate unnecessary details for a calm, long-lasting feeling that one doesn’t tire of too quickly, but that is reached for day after day. By approaching fashion with a perspective of longevity, we can help our community approach their wardrobes in a way that is mindful of our environment and our future. 


“We’re on a mission of mindful consumption”

This means working to change the industry perspective from fast to slow by providing pieces that can be worn and loved for longer.

We believe that sustainable clothing should never compromise. Since 1993, we’ve thoughtfully created garments with great style, high quality, and impeccable fit. We do this through responsible sourcing and ethical production so they can be consciously kept and given a second life after ownership.

Style: Timeless yet modern, our design aesthetic interprets classic elements for the real needs of everyday life.

Quality: We carefully select the highest quality materials so that your favourites never wear out.

Fit: Our team of experts brings together comfort and silhouette for elevated pieces that feel effortless.