About Blk Dnm

BLK DNM is the downtown NYC creative project of Johan Lindeberg, founded in 2011. the international fashion brand features an item-based collection for men and women and has a strong cultural identity, driven and photographed by Lindeberg himself around themes like equality, freedom, politics and art.


Le Manifeste

“We believe in inclusivity”

We believe in a world with no borders. where love is more valued than religion. Where creativity unifies the world. Where people can develop their inner strength. Be themselves without being influenced by society.

An environment where parents inspire their children but do not influence them. A world of equality. Where talent and inner intuition are encouraged but not blocked. We believe in inclusivity and that being multicultural is more powerful than being monocultural.

We believe in a borderless community where the focus is on building bridges between cultures. BLK DNM was inspired by the student revolts in Paris in 1968 when people stepped out onto the streets and said what they truly believed in.

– Johan Lindeberg